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AutoSoft - Car Dealer Software (Starting at R8,500 - once off!)

Manage your business success by growing all the critical revenue streams, from vehicle sales through to workshop income, driving your business profitability. Ensure that you and your team no longer waste time and money with non-profit generating administration. Let customers experience service levels that grow your reputation in the industry.

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WorkSoft - Jobcard Software. (Start right now from R9,500 - once off (including Debtors, Creditors & Invoicing))

Manage your workshop with an easy to use but powerful Jobcard System. You can create quotations and then convert them to a Jobcard with the push of a button. Control your stock and manage your staff’s hours. When the job is finished, convert it to an invoice and post it to the debtors system.

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BreakerSoft - Scrapyard Software. (Starting at R15,500 with Basic accounting inclusive of Bondsoft)

The Breaker Yard system was developed to help the user to control the vehicles once they are broken up for spares. The system will track all sales and give the user full reporting and search facilities.

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RetailSoft - Point of Sale Software. (Starting at R12,000 including Debtors, Creditors and Invoicing)

RetailSoft Point of Sale Software was developed to help users in various ways. It helps users do stock control, service their clients fast and easy and have peace of mind that the business is in great hands. RetailSoft Point of Sale Software can be installed in any hardware store, spares shop, liquor store or any general sales environment that needs stock control.

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XSoft Contact Manager - 5 User at R1200 per month

Using, not losing, the critical seconds that set up Sales!

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XSoft CareSoft

Caretasking our Fragile Human Heritage. (Caretasking - considered activities of caring and deeply mindful custodians). 

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