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System Overview

The Breaker Yard/Scrapyard system was developed to help the user control the vehicles once they are broken up for spares. The system will track all sales and give the user full reporting and search facilities.

The system layout was developed so that the parts control on a vehicle is done on a predefined layout, which the user can setup. This simplifies stock control and it only takes 5 minutes to capture a vehicle on to the system. The computer will allocate a number to each part and you can then print barcodes for the parts. 

Once the vehicle is loaded, the computer will track all sales on that vehicle. The user will then be able to see which parts were on the vehicle originally and if sold to which customer. The system was developed to be easy to use and to offer the user information on his business at his fingertips.

Each sales point (POS) can be individually configured to suit the user - cash drawer, pole display, printers etc. All modules need passwords to access and different levels can be assigned to each user. 

A few highlights are
  • Vehicle records - Previous Owner, Buyer & Reconditioning
  • Salesman Commissions & Sales
  • Floor plan control - Interest, Invoicing and Listings
  • Consignment Stock
  • Pro-forma Invoice and Sales Invoice generator
  • Purchase Invoice generator
  • Cost Centres - summaries costs per cost centre for better control
  • Comprehensive Reporting - Stock Value, Price listings & Profit Listings
  • Complete Ordering system and Reporting
  • Complete Debtors System with Statements & Reporting
  • Offer to Purchase


 The system can be setup to link to

  • Cash drawers
  • Pole display
  • Invoice printers
  • Barcode scanners/printers
  • Cash slip printers
  • Purchase Invoice generator.

 Optional Extras

  • Bonyard management
  • Stock/Spares system with POS
  • Export to Pastel (In progress)
  • Expose your stock to the web

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