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xSoft (xtreme software) is a POS/Stock Management software development company based in Cape Town. For over fifteen years we have been software providers for a variety of outlets including Hardware, Spare-shops, Breaker yards(scrapyard), Used Car Dealers, Liquor Stores, Workshops, Couriers, Jewelers, Auto Glass Fitters, plus Garden Centres, Builders Merchants, Restaurants and Wholesalers.

xSoft POS system

Our Services

xSoft has an extensive customer base ranging from the Western Cape to the Gauteng province, whom we support, train and help via email, phone and remote access when necessary. We can offer almost any installation package you require from establishing new networks and onsite training, or you can do it yourself if you prefer.

We also act as a source for the related equipment that is required for your retail computing needs, including barcode scanners, cash drawers, system printers, label printers, receipt printers, customer displays, handheld devices, networking and computers.

We pride ourselves on our ability to liaise with our customers and develop with them so that all can enjoy the mutual benefits of increasing the efficiency, xSoft memberseffectiveness, functionality and feedback from these very powerful software solutions.

Our Software

xSoft software has been designed with both functionality and flexibility in mind. Because there are many different business types and sizes, a number of different software packages are available with varying capability. This puts you, the customer, in the driving seat, free to decide which package best suits the needs of your business and always with the option to upgrade.

Our software comprises of one core program. Built around the core we have a unique sales and stock control modules to suit the environment in which it excels as an POS solution. RetailSoft will suit almost any sales environment. You can add modules for workshop's, liquor stores, Spares Shops(Vehicle Catalogue),Breaker Yard  and Vehicle sales.

Our software's user-friendly interface has always been a key to our success, it allows new users to become operational very quickly. We can supply stock databases for different industries (Parts database, Liquor database, Parts Catalogue & M&M Codes .


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